Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage


No matter who you are, where you live or what car you drive I am pretty sure that you have in some way or another felt the pressure that the elevated gas prices have had on you and others. The elevated gas rates have put many people in a position in which they have had to cut back on some things just to be able to afford gas.
Now an obvious way to cut down on your gas bill is to increase your mileage but there are many more ways that are equally easy to improve your gas mileage and here are just a few of those examples as given by the number one dealer of Honda cars.


Maintaining your vehicle is crucial to cutting costs and improving your gas mileage. Check your tires to make sure they have the correct amount of air being as too much and or too little pressure can greatly affect your gas mileage. When your oil gets changed it is essential that you also have the air filter examined, a clean filter that is in working conditions will do wonders for your gas mileage.

Maintaining your vehicle is not only a good idea in order to be more efficient with your gas mileage but it will also extend the life of your vehicle. In this day and age and with the economy as it is it would not hurt to ensure that your vehicle is functioning properly for as long as possible.

Question Your Driving Habits

Another great way to increase your gas mileage is by making sure that your driving habits are not causing a negative impact on your gas mileage. There are various driving habits that could factor in to excess gas mileage such as velocity, slow down. When you do your best to maintain the speed limit or even drive a bit below it if possible it improves your gas mileage drastically and it will also reduce the chances of an automobile accident.

While driving through the city avoid sudden acceleration as well as excessive breaking. These two habits can have a negative effect on your gas mileage causing you to consume more than necessary. It is very common when you are a fairly new driver to ride the break which is not only a bad driving habit but as far as fuel consumption is concerned it is a not a good idea.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle a cost efficient option to consider would be one of the latest hybrid vehicles. There are not only many various vehicle models to choose from but they with the added bonus of having great gas mileage. Hybrid vehicles are top of the line when it comes to gas mileage and there performance as well as appearance are being refined day by day.

Luckily and due to the exorbitant gas prices many hybrid manufacturers have had to increase production in order to meet demand so there is no longer the need to wait on a seemingly never ending list before being able to own a hybrid car. In fact it is now easier to find many dealerships that have hybrid cars in their show rooms.

There is of course always the option of minimizing the amount you drive your vehicle, try biking or walking to your close by destinations, instead of leaving multiple times integrate various destinations in one outing which will not only save you gas but also your valuable time. By being conscious of the effect that these things have on your gas mileage and adjusting your habits accordingly you will find that you will not only be saving money at the gas station but also improving your gas mileage.